Your attention is drawn to the confidentiality aspects of working for Misaskim whether in the public or private setting environment. In the course of the service, members may see or hear things of a confidential nature, including information referring to the illness and treatment of the deceased person. You may see or hear personal and private information in the home address about the deceased or be told confidential information by a family member.

This information must not be divulged to, or discussed with any person other than staff who need to know. Just because someone is a fellow member of Misaskim does not mean they have a need to know. Sensitive and confidential information should not be discussed between members once the job cycle is complete.

Any information which is relevant to the deceased or referral to a professional such as a coroner can be discussed, but you must ensure that you are not being overheard, or that your paperwork can be seen by people who are not entitled to see it.

Breaches of confidence will result in disciplinary action by Misaskim and will be dealt with under gross misconduct.

You should also be mindful of the fact that regardless of any action taken by Misaskim, a breach of confidence could result in a civil action for damages against the member by the patient or family members.

I confirm I have read, understood and will abide by the above agreement.